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Internet Band





The Cypherfunks

"The Cypherfunks" is a network of musicians working individually & together to make music under the same name. A cryptocurrency [FUNK] acts as "stock" in the band.

Both the currency & band are completely decentralized. It is a grand experiment in permission-less, internet scale innovation in music, collaboration, and technology.

By creating music for this internet band and sharing it, musicians increase the network effect & subsequent demand for the currency. As contributors, musicians can be tipped FUNK by other members. FUNK can be exchanged into your currency of choice through various online exchanges. In the future, you will be able to use FUNK directly to buy products that assist in music making, and eventually anything else you can think of.

The long-term goal is to have a community of musicians use FUNK as currency to help each other continuously create great new music.



The Cryptocurrency: FUNK.

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most amazing innovations of the 21st century. It allows everyone in the world to transfer value to each other without the use of a central authority.

It allows anyone in the world to transfer value extremely fast, secured by the laws of the universe, for pretty much nothing. It's money fit for the digital age.

Each cryptocurrency that comes along, ushers in an era of choice, where YOU choose where your value lies. It can facilitate fascinating new experiments such as “The Cypherfunks”. It gives the network - the decentralized band - the ability to glue around a shared token of value: the FUNK. It allows people to make music with others across the world in a new and exciting way. It’s about time.

If you have FUNK you can exchange it back into other currencies [even dollars]. The technical parameters of the cryptocurrency can be found here.

Download a wallet to get started!

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The Band! Make music with the world.

Everyone has free reign to make music under "The Cypherfunks". After 3 weeks, already more than 22 songs have been released. Come join our communities! We hang out on Reddit, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook & IRC. If you want to know more, get started with our Starter's Guide. Contribute!